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       Kadoya Everbright(Dalian) Co.,Ltd is a Sino-Japanese joint venture company founded in November 2008.We mainly specializes in design,development and quality control of various kinds of stainless steel tanks.The products are widely used in production,storage,and transportation in industry of chemical,cosmetic,food and pharmacy etc.We have the ability and approval of designing,producing and selling general and hazardous chemical products packaging as well as class I&II pressure tanks.We already got certificate from CCS for some of our tanks(UN approval).In 2015,our company successfully applied for a patent of a self-design stainless steel tank with heating-jacket and insulation layer.
        Our company works on integrating effective resources,utilizing advanced technology and committing to provide customers with a reasonable one-stop package solution.Our products are used by clients from USA,Canada,UK,Japan,Singapore,Indonesia,Malaysia,Thailand,India,and domestic companies.They are satisfied with our product quality,delivery time and good service.

Company Name: Kadoya Everbright Trading (Dalian) Co., Ltd.
Shareholders: Kadoya, Co., Ltd. and Dandong Changming Trading Co., Ltd.
President: Mingguang Li (chairman)
Vice President: Kadoya Naoki
Director: Kimura Mitsunobu
Director: KadoyaNaoya
Director: Mingliang Li
Director: Meiying Li

Registered Capital: RMB 2,000,000
Annual Turnover: RMB 10 million
Number of Staff: 15


Scope of Business
Stainless steel ibc tank, stainless steel tote tank, machinery equipment, machined parts, etc.
Building materials, interior decoration materials, etc.

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Room 306, Jiahua Business Building, 102-5 Northeast Street, Development Zone, Dalian City

Kadoya Everbright


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