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B.GLS-III Composite Hose Making Machine

B.GLS-III Composite Hose Making Machine

Model: B.GLS-III
英文 :

B●GLS-III Composite Hose Making Machine is successfully designed and developed by our company ,which is  on the basis of the second generation of the absorption tube machine and absorb foreign advanced technology.

Most of this machine  are using the automatic adjustment structure,it integrate machine, electricity and gas. Compared with similar products domestic and overseas,this maching has the advantage of  high efficiency, low energy consumption, easy operation, fault alarm, when the sheet roll is changing no need to  stop the machine,accurately located for rotary cutter , stable performance, simple maintenance etc.

This machine use aluminum-plastic laminated sheet and all plastic composite sheet as raw materials.It utilize high frequency welding technology,Can produce a variety of composite hose,the finished products are weld straight and firm, precise cutting, consistent length.

 This machine can be mached with our type B.ZT-III automatic shoulder injection machine to become automatic pipe production line

This machine are with good quality, scientific and rational structure ,it work fast ,to compare with  current widespread use of domestic pipe machine inland ,this machine have the advantage of  highest rates of usage, lowest labor intensity and safe operation

This machine include: automatic unwinding device, connecting platform, storage, automated trimming mechanism, automatic molding equipment, high-frequency welding mechanism, plastic composite welding mechanism, the vertical and horizontal indexing mechanism, automatic feed tube mechanism, automatic control tracking round cut mechanism and a computer control system.

This machine gained national patents, the patent is No. 02219950.0.The patent No.of High-frequency welding knife is 002,119,963.7.

Monitor rate
Power of The Main Machine
Cutter motor power 
 Power of The Cutting Device
High frequency welding power
Power Of High Frequency Welding  
Other welding power 
Input power  
Power Supply
Maximum production capacity
Most Productivity
Total Weight


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