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Customer First

·Customers are the source of our food and clothing.
·Respect for others, and maintain a bright image of Kadoya anytime and anywhere
·Smile to complaints and grievances, and take the initiative in work to solve customers' problems
·Do not pass the buck in communication with customers even if without liability
·Think from customers' standpoint, and ultimately achieve both customer and company satisfaction on a principled basis
·Have advanced service awareness and take preventive measures


·Share interests and responsibilities, do extraordinary things even as an ordinary person
·Actively join in the team, be willing to accept the help of colleagues, and coordinate with the team to complete work
·Actively propose constructive suggestions before decision making and fully participate in team discussions; after decision making, regardless of objections, individuals must fully support the decision from words and deeds
·Actively share professional knowledge and experience; initiatively give necessary help to colleagues; resolve problems and difficulties by making full use of team efforts
·Well cooperate with all the colleagues, do not bring individual preferences to work, and fully embody the principle of "critical idea not people"
·Have a sense of ownership, have positive effect on the team, and improve team morale and atmosphere

Embrace Change

·Embrace change and be creative
·Adapt to daily changes of the company, do not complain
·Face changes rationally, communicate effectively and coordinate sincerely
·Be able to make self-adjustment in difficulties and frustrations caused by changes, and bring the positive effect and mobilize the colleagues
·Be forward-thinking in work, establish new methods and new ideas
·Create changes and bring breakthroughs to improve the performance


·Be honest and deliver on commitments
·Be honest, suit action to the word, and do not be affected by interests and pressures
·Accurately express views through correct channels and processes; Make recommendations accordingly while express criticism, and avoid outspoken criticisms
·Do not spread unconfirmed information, do not talk issues and persons behind irresponsibly, and give positive guidance
·Admit your faults, take your responsibilities; Reflect problems objectively and severely curb dishonest behaviors damaging the company's interests
·Implement the above criteria consistently


·Be optimistic, and never give up
·Love your job, agree the Kadoya Everbright's culture
·Love Kadoya Everbright, take the overall interests into account, and do not care about personal gains and losses
·Face the daily work with a positive and optimistic attitude, make constant self-motivation, and strive to improve the performance
·Never give up in encountering difficulties and setbacks, continue to seek breakthroughs, and win success
·Continue to set higher goals, regard today's best performance as the minimum requirements for the tomorrow

Dedication to Work

·Be professional and dedicated, pursue excellence
·Only do work-related matters in working hours; And do not repeat the errors due to dereliction of duty
·Do not delay matters today till tomorrow, and follow the necessary workflow
·Continue to learn, keep self-improvement, fully reflect the result-oriented principle in doing work
·Be able to properly arrange the work in accordance with the priorities, and do the right thing
·Follow but do not stand on to the workflow, simplify the matters, obtain with a better work result with a small investment


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