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Kadoya Everbright
Kadoya Everbright
Inclined Screw Conveyor
Inclined Screw Conveyor is widely used in building materials, chemical industry, coal, grain and oil, feed and other industries
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Hygienic Butterfly Valves
Our sanitary butterfly valves are superior products developed by the technical team and production team based on stainless steel technologies,experience and knowhow accumlated over many years.
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Hygienic Ball Valves
When using our valves, be sure to use them within the respective valve specifications. If valves will be used outside the scope of specifications, a design with higher safety taking into consideration various conditions is required. We would be pleased to offer consultation if you provide us with information.
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Diaphragm Valves
Integrated design of diaphragm seat and valve plug can be possible to switch the flow line with excellent aseptic characteristics.Installing in upright,inverted and horizontal positions (nozzle direction is limited) is possible,which prevents liquid accumulation and minimizes dead space to enable high afficent CIP.
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Electric Heating Mixing Tank
1000l Electric Heating Mixing Tank With Jacket
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1000l Liquid Mixing Tank
1000l liquid heating mixing tank jam syrup sauce mixing tank industrial mixing tank
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