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Square IBC Handling Storage Tanks

Square IBC Handling Storage Tanks

Model: KDE-KSE-1000L
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Product Name
Square  IBC Handling Storage Tanks
KDE-KSE-1000L Production Standard GB/T 19434-2009
Test Standard GB/T 19434.5-2004
Capacity 1000L(optional:800L)
Medium liquid(pharma/food/chemical
Stack 1 + 2 full, 1 +3 empty
Forklift Pocket 4ways
N.W     1000L about230kg 800L about235kg
Mode Of Transport Container 20feet:10sets 40feet:20sets
Design Condition(tank) Pressure 0.02 Mpa
Temperature Normal
Service conditions(tank) Pressure Normal(Full loaded)
Temperature Normal
Test Conditions(tank) Pressure Water full filled(20min)
Gastight 0.02 Mpa(20min)
Test Conditions(jacket) Pressure
Surface Treatment Inside 400# buffing
Outside acid pickling
Legs acid pickling
Dimensions ID 1000L 1085 ㎜ 800L 1085 ㎜
Heigh 1476 mm 1500 mm
Length 1130 mm 1130 mm
Width 1130 mm 1130 mm


We provide one stop and full service of OEM design and fabrication satisfying your requirement 

Our product advantance:

●Meet client's different needs

●Shorten design cost and time

●Used in both domestic land transportation or logistic on the sea

●100% inspection of every product before delivery to clients

The raise of logistic need and considering of the safe package, more and more companies would like to choose a reliable safe package, especially for the dangerious or toxic products.Our standard IBCs could meet this requirement.

This  storage tank is made of stainless steel material which with safe design and  good quality . It was already used in chemical ,food industry and pharmaceutical for years.

The information in the above blanket is only  one style for your reference.There are more products for your choice.Besides we are good at design based on your need. Welcome to contact with us!


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