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Diaphragm Valves

Integrated design of diaphragm seat and valve plug can be possible to switch the flow line with excellent aseptic characteristics.Installing in upright,inverted and horizontal positions (nozzle direction is limited) is possible,which prevents liquid accumulation and minimizes dead space to enable high afficent CIP.
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Features of DA-type diaphragm valves

1.Two types of DA cylinders are available:an ADC (aluminum die cast) lightweight type and a type made of SUS304 with excellent corrosion resistance.Both types have been made compact.

2.The stem does not touch product and it is suitable for aseptic.

3.The seat and diaphragm are separate.enabling the sealing force to be maintained for a long time.

4.Minimizing dead space enhances the CIP effect and provides a struc-ture that prevents contamination from occurring.so it can be used for aseptic lines related to foodstuffs.

5.All inner surfaces of the body have been machined and is structured in a geometrical form to prevent liquid pools from being generated.

6.Upright mounting allows piping without liquid pools.

7.For the diaphragm seat installation method,the metal-touch method is employed, enabling assembly in stable conditions.

8.Three-way nozzle type (T type) and different diameter types are available,allowing them to be used in piping for various purposes.

Diaphragm Valves
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